Class News 10/7/22

October 7, 2022 Class News

It was another busy week in kindergarten! We were scientists and investigated our 5 senses.  As scientists do, we will use our 5 senses the whole year to observe the world around us!  We are active learners!  Take a look at what else we were up to this week.

Sight Words: Our two sight words this week: that and it.Next week we will learn he and was. Are you working on these at home? A good way to practice sight words is to keep a bundle of sight words (simple flashcards you can make with notecards) in your purse or bag and pull them out whenever you have an extra minute to spare – waiting for an appointment, quickly before you go out the door, etc.

Phonics: During our Words Their Way phonics lesson this week, we learned all about the letters /t/ and /g/.  We cut our “sort” cards, sorted them by beginning sounds /t/ and /g/, glued them on a graphic organizer and lastly drew and spelled our own words that begin with t and g.

Next week will be beginning sounds /n/ and /p/.

Handwriting: This week we have focused on uppercase and lowercase t and g and continue to practice writing numbers 1-10! We are also working hard at writing our names with only one capital letter! Ask your child to show you the “hat line, belt line and boot line.” If you choose to do homework, name writing is a great skill to work on at home – using uppercase at the beginning and lowercase for the rest.

Literacy Centers: This week we continued reading groups, sight word center, independent library center, iPad center and at the phonics center students thread beads onto pipe cleaner to help improve their fine motor skills! Some students challenged themselves to make patterns with the beads. We look forward to parent volunteers starting soon! In reading groups, we began by practicing our letter names and letter sounds, students then used alphabet cards to write the alphabet and put them in ABC order. 

Math: We finished up chapter one: Numbers 0-5, and will continue to explore the essential question, how do we show how many? We have been learning to compare numbers using the terms “greater than,” “less than” and “equal to.” In kindergarten, we learn how to use “tools not toys,” in order to help us solve math problems. One tool we added to our “math tool belt” is the tens frame. We will practice using this tool to help us understand numbers and help build our math tower of knowledge. Students explored the term “one more” with numbers to 10. Students were given tens frames and a number, then had to show a number that is one more than the original. This helps us with learning how to “count on” from any number. We will continue to use tens frames to learn how to compose numbers 1-10. We are continuing to practice using complete sentences and showing all our work to explain our math thinking.

Key math words: Count, equal to, greater than, less than, number, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten

Science: We learned all about our 5 senses this week – sight, hear, smell, taste and touch. We read poems, played games, and created class charts to show that we understand each of the senses. When we learned about sight, we made a chart to see the different eye color in our class then discussed patterns we saw in the charted information. When we learned about hearing, we listened to different sounds and students drew what they heard (for instance, birds chirping, cars honking, rain falling). We also made a class chart of our favorite foods when discovering more about taste! When we discussed touch, students felt objects in a paper bag and had to guess what the objects were. Our last sense was smell. We had four cups of four different smells: lemon, mint, vanilla, and coffee. Students smelled what was in the cup and made predictions about what was in the cup! We use our senses to help understand the world around us. 

Second Step: In this week’s lesson, we showed what we’ve learned about the importance of paying attention, practicing, and continuing to try after making mistakes. We put these skills to use while learning a rhyme with accompanying movements! 

This week during our Mind Yeti mindfulness we learned about gratitude. We learned that finding gratitude throughout our days can help us feel happy and calm. When we find gratitude in something, we can say a simple “Thank You”! Students find gratitude through petting their dogs before school, playing with a friend at recess, and having a delicious breakfast. 

Religion: We continue to be Christ-centered people who pray with intention and reverence (SLE) by mastering our prayers – Guardian Angel, Prayer Before Meals and Prayer After Meals. We continue to practice sharing God’s love by using compliments and kind words through a variety of games and role-play.

Common Core Standards we’re working on:

  • I can read common sight words.
  • I can read the words in a book in the right order.
  • I can recognize and make rhyming words.
  • I can say the most common sound for each consonant in the alphabet.
  • I can draw or write to help me share what I think.
  • I can print lots of upper and lowercase letters.
  • I can write numbers from 0-20.
  • I can understand that the last thing I count tells the number of things in a group.
  • I can name the number for each thing in a group as I count them.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, October 10th – Dress Uniform, All School Mass 
  • Wednesday, October 12th – Primary Mass, 9AM
  • Friday, October 14th – No School, Teacher In-Service 
  • Tuesday, October 18th – Individual Portrait Day 
  • Tuesday, November 1st – All Saints Day Mass, Dress Uniform 
  • Wednesday, November 9th – Parent-Teacher Conferences (Students do not attend)
  • Thursday, November 10th – Parent-Teacher Conferences (Students do not attend) 
  • Friday, November 11th – No School, Veteran’s Day